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Wishes of an absent father

How does a male child raised by a single mother learn how to be a man? Who teaches that child the responsibility of man and how a man should carry themselves in life?

Does not being present in the child's life become the vicious cycle that the son carries on? When does the cycle end? In this book, I will shed light on the biggest mistake that I made in my life and take full ownership of my decision.

This book will tell you the struggles that I had being a parent despite my desire to be the best parent that I could be. My goal was to break the cycle that I was born into but only succeed in continuing it.


My life has been anything but easy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have experienced hard lessons and have learned from them all.

I learned that life is what you make it out to be, and no matter what you go through in life, it is the way that you respond to each situation that matters the most.

Life has taught me that responding in anger will never give you the results you need to make you a better person. Responding in anger starts a pattern of dealing with issues that will lead to other problems you may have to face eventually.


How do larvae become a butterfly? How does a creature who could barely move on earth learn to fly in the sky?

Don’t the larvae know from birth that their life would not amount to much? So how could their life amount to anything, right?

The stages that the larvae go through to become the best version of themselves are the same process that we must commit to achieving.

For many of us, our life resembles the larvae. We are born into a world that does not foster or encourage our growth.

Unlike the larvae, we get caught in one stage of our life. Then, because of our fears and insecurities, we don’t move on.

This book will inspire you to spread your wings and fly to new heights as you move through the stages of your life.

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We all wear a mask that we show the world, which becomes the veil that hides and protects us from the eyes and opinions of the judgmental world we live in.

We become so comfortable wearing the mask that we forget to remove it when we are around people whom we love, cherish and adore because of the fear and insecurities that made us put the mask on in the beginning.

We get so caught up in pretending that we forget how to live and love at the moment we are in love. As a result, the fantasy of whom we want people to see and admire becomes more accurate than the reality of who we are at our core.


From Major to Minor reveals all the ways that a man should genuinely love a woman. (Completely)This book not only highlights the love, but it sheds light on the pain that genuinely makes love a wonderful thing. In my life, I have composed words of affection from A to Z.

I was always trying to express the inner feelings that I held within.


From Major to Minor reveals all of the love and the passion in my heart. This book says all the things that my mouth needs to speak to the love of my life. She is my friend, my lover & my wife. Both men and women can enjoy this book as it highlights all the things that make a marriage work.

(Commitment to Each other)


“Between the words here and now, I will place forever as I promise you my heart, my soul & my time.”


This book says all of the things that a person may feel but cannot put it in words

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Scholars learning how to start the school year off the right way is essential because it is easier to be successful if they know how to apply themselves in the beginning and not try to catch up at the end.

Anyone who cares for our scholars’ well-being should understand that we must help them develop a foundation that will foster success.

This book will give all scholars the tools that they will need to succeed in heading back to school.

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Before I close my eyes, I want to come to terms with my past and be contemptuous with my life today. I am far from being perfect, but I am stepping towards my salvation.


Before I close my eyes, I need you to know that my heart, love, and prayers were always present, even in my absence.

Sometimes being the father that a man wishes he could be becomes overshadowed by his pride, fears, and anger of the man that he used to be.

I have allowed my pride, fears, and anger to take precious moments away from my life that I will never be able to get back.

So, I am writing this book to give back all the knowledge that a father would want his Goddess to have.


You are what inspires a male to want to become a Man. For your acceptance, I have always tried to become a Better Man.

 All the hate and anger that you may have towards me, please allow me to carry those burdens so that your heart and soul can be free.

I pray that this book will be the first step that allows us to be as close as I have always wished that we could be.


To make someone change, you must make them uncomfortable. This book will make you very uncomfortable from the beginning to the end.

Shaking the Foundation gives the reader a glimpse into things that we take as facts when they are not.

Shaking the Foundation will shed light on many topics. From religion, politics, education, history & even more. I have struggled with these topics from a child even still as an adult.


This book is not for everyone!

The information in this book is not facts. The information in this book is only a conversational piece to encourage the reader to study to show thyself approval.  


Ask, and you shall know. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall open. (A.S.K)

Your journey awaits.

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A person will tell you everything you need to know about them within the first few minutes of meeting them. Will you take the time to listen?

It is not always the verbal cues that reveal a person’s motive. Instead, it is often their actions that speak louder than their words.

Their words don’t always match their actions, especially when they intend to deceive you. It is not their fault when we do not take the needed percussions to protect our hearts from our deceitful eyes.

Our deceitful eyes entice us to give in to our wants as we sacrifice what we need.

We focus more on our wants than our needs which always leave us praying on our knees.

We stop asking questions about what we need to know about a person because we are too afraid to mess up what we think we want from that person.

No one can fill a void in your life but you!

This book will examine the many red flags that people will reveal to us, but we choose to ignore them and paint them white.

You will notice many situations within this book that you have encountered dealing with other people and a few situations that will prepare you for future encounters.

This book will give you the tools to make sure that you are not sacrificing your needs because of your wants.


Most successful people can tell you how to overcome failure in life in the following way. Failure only comes to those who refuse to keep fighting for what they want. Success belongs to those few people who understand that failure is not an option but only a lack of action. Learn to say less and do more.

In my life, I have had many repeats of day one's in my pursuit of success. Day one's was when I had to start from scratch to get back to where I left off on my journey. It was my stubbornness that allowed me to accept going through my day ones. I had to learn to make my effort match-up with my desire and sacrifices.

Failure taught me the need to eliminate any and everything that did not align with my success goals. When you learn to eliminate the option of failure, you only have success as a destination. Being a visual creature, I had to view my success and know the route I had to take to get there. I had to learn how to turn the visions in my head into the vision board I saw every morning I woke-up.


Most successful people can tell you how to overcome failure in life in the following way. Failure only comes to those who refuse to keep fighting for what they want. Success belongs to those few people who understand that failure is not an option but only a lack of action. Learn to say less and do more.

In my life, I have had many repeats of day one's in my pursuit of success. Day one's was when I had to start from scratch to get back to where I left off on my journey. It was my stubbornness that allowed me to accept going through my day ones. I had to learn to make my effort match up with my desire and sacrifices.

Failure taught me the need to eliminate any and everything that did not align with my success goals. When you learn to eliminate the option of failure, you only have success as a destination. Being a visual creature, I had to view my success and know the route I had to take to get there. I had to learn how to turn the visions in my head into the vision board I saw every morning I woke-up.


I struggled with insecurity as a child that followed me into my adult years. The harsh opinion of others in my youth put a severe delay in me developing the ability to believe in myself.

Even today, I find it hard to look into the mirror because the doubts and the mental pain that I faced prior in my life smeared the true reflection of the greatness in the mirror’s reflection.

Through my trials and tribulations, I discovered one crucial thing that guided me on my path to success.

I am a survivor!!!

The day that I embraced that fact, everything in my life became easy. The only thing I needed to do was find the purpose in my life or simply live the dreams inside my mind.

Once you have faced all of the monsters and demons that made you run instead of standing your ground, you become a whole different person inside.

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When I feel misunderstood, scrutinized, betrayed, overwhelmed, and all of those things God did not create me to be: I pray

When my mind won’t stop overthinking, and my fears and worries are getting the best of me: I pray

I give all of my problems to God and trust what he has consistently shown me in the past. He will always deliver. This is why I pray

This book is me giving thanks to my creator and all of the things he has done in my life. (Hopefully, you can relate)

My creator has delivered me from the valley to the mountain tops just so that I can go down on my knees and say thank you.

Prayer Changes Things

Father, thank you for the blessings that I can see in my life.

Thank you for all the prayers that have yet to manifest into my life.

I want to say thank you for giving my life purpose and meaning.

I may have struggled to get back on the path that you had for me in my life, but you have never left my side.

This is why I still pray

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This book will reveal and explain the graduation requirements for High Schools in the State of Florida. This book will also break-down how graduating from High School is not enough to prepare many scholars for their future.

I wrote this book because it was in my heart to speak knowledge and wisdom to those who need to know that someone cares about their future and is willing to make their voice heard.

I wrote this book for many scholars to learn that graduation is the starting line and not the finishing line for their future.

Life begins after graduation, which is why you must plan your life before you graduate.


I wrote this book for all overworked, underpaid, and never appreciated teachers and staff members.

This book is my way to say thank you to those teachers and staff members who still manage to touch the lives of their students beyond education and into learning new and exciting things using their unique learning style.

Dedicated educators and staff members are why scholars learn to stop dreaming and become dream chasers in reality.

Thank you to those educators and staff members who still work as hard as they did when they first started working with adolescents.

Hopefully, your continued passion and effort will inspire your colleagues to re-examine their current methods and philosophy regarding dealing with young and impressionable minds

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There will come a time in your life that you realize that you can't fit a big dream in a small bag. The greatness within you will overpower the fears and doubts used to hold it down for far too long.

No more hiding in the shadows being afraid to shine bright because others may feel intimidated by your light that shines; let it shine.

No one else is supposed to understand your calling or know your next move but you. Make sure your calling and your next move is the best move for you and your future.

Be afraid of failure but be terrified of not living up to your potential and your standards for living your best life. Failure comes with pursuing success, so don't let it stop you from trying.

Nothing in life is permanent, so one bad chapter in your life will never tell your whole life story. Dare to be great even if you end up only being good.


Success is achieved in the effort and not the lack thereof…


There are times in my life where I stood up, but my mind wanted me to sit back down. Fear makes cowards of us all, but courage gives us the strength to endure.

Silence is a form of agreeance, and I can’t entirely agree or choose to remain silent in the presence of wrongdoing.

When you have a mindset like this, you will surely put yourself on the radar of those who don’t share your same feelings.

I knew that you would be considered a threat to those who do not share the same feelings as you if you care about what you do.

Those people will twist your words and use their version of the truth to represent the facts improperly.

Standing for what is right or needed will mostly bring you discomfort, ridicule, and pain. (Colin Kaepernick)

When you’re tempted to quit, remember why you started

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This book is dedicated to all educators, administrators, support specialists, and people who go above and beyond their duties.


These special people go out of their way daily to ensure that the scholars they are entrusted with guiding, educating, and mentoring are safe and free to become the best versions of themselves.

This book tells my story, my journey, and my testimony of why I choose to become a Certified Teacher. I want my students to read this book and better understand the purpose that drives me to want to be in their service.

I want my students to learn how to ask their other teachers, administrators, support specialists why they decided to work for students and better understand them as people who care beyond their paycheck.

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You can spend a lifetime looking inside the mirror and not truly recognize or understand the image staring back at you.


Regrettably, the reflection in the mirror you see is the image that other people may feel about you instead of how you feel about yourself.

Unfortunately, the principle of knowing thyself does not register with a person who never had a chance to get to see the beauty they have within because of the horror the world has shown them.

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I learned to think about these three questions before deciding to speak or say anything that could affect other people.

(Is it true; is it necessary; Is it fair)


Is it true that at-risk students are negatively affected by their “Entitled” teachers? Both personally & professionally, for me, the answer is yes.

Is it necessary to write about an important topic happening to our kids at school? This book is needed because it sheds light on a subject/ topic that many educators know is a big problem in our school but chooses to ignore it because of the fear of losing their job or being labeled a troublemaker/ difficult to work with at their facility.

Finally, is it okay to blow the whistle on practices that I have first-hand knowledge of because of my position? Yes, because it is not okay for the victims to be victimized by someone who was supposed to help develop them into becoming a better version of themselves.

This book will give a voice to the voiceless while allowing them to tell their story to those who choose to listen. Will you decide to listen and learn how it feels to be an at-risk student dealing with “Entitled” teachers?

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There are no elevators on the path to success! It does not take the money of a rich dad or the knowledge of a poor dad to tell their children about how hard it is to achieve success.

Although it may be challenging to achieve success, it is not impossible for those who are willing to put in the needed work.

Nothing in life that you view as success is easy. With this understanding, you will need to apply the following wisdom:

“If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. But, if you are willing to work hard now, your life will be easy.”

This book will explain the steps along the way to the path of success. I will give you examples and personal stories that I had to overcome with each step along my path to success.

I will share the tests that have become my testimony to others about traveling the path to success. I had to learn that if I failed or succeeded in life depended on my mindset and my ability to turn my dreams into reality.


No, I am not the best writer!

 I struggle with my reading, spelling, grammar, and all of the other things that an English/ Language Arts teacher would cringe about from their students.

My books are filled with many errors, mainly because I am a self-published author, editor, and illustrator.

I had put my writing and my talent on the shelf because I knew that I had many things that I needed to work on within myself.

Who would want to hear a message from a former at-risk student, now an at-risk adult wanting to make the many tests that he has encountered in his life a testimony that others can use to fulfill their lives?

Can a man with many flaws still speak the breath of life into others who need air? Is it possible he could help others despite his limitations and shortcomings?

This book will reveal how anything is possible with both faith and hard work as your foundation. In addition, this book will inspire you to face all of your weaknesses and shortcomings head-on.

If you don’t want to learn, no one can help you, but if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!

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Men marry their mother, and women marry their father or lack thereof. (In most cases)


If a wife wants to know how her husband will treat her, she should examine his relationship with his mother.


His mother was the first woman in his life and should have laid the foundation on how to treat a woman.


This book will reveal the many lessons I was blessed to learn and how a boy became a man by shifting blame inwards instead of outwards to other people.


This book is not to shed a bad light on my mother because I would only succeed in showing you my faults as a man.


This book explains the growth that I had to endure to become a better version of myself.


I love my mom. I can honestly say this because we had gone full circle repeatedly before I was brave enough to realize that I can control how I react to what happens to me.


Relationships are hard!


There is nothing easy about dealing with someone that thinks and acts differently than you.


Expectations often bring hesitation when one person feels that their wants or needs are not being satisfied by the other person.


This book will discuss the essential things women need from their mate (Love) and what their mate wants in return (Respect).


How can each party get what they need from each other to feel secure, loved & respected?


You may not find all the answers in this book, but you will discover what it takes to put you both on the right track.


A conversation that makes you feel the other person is truly listening to how you feel inside.

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The strongest people you know face many battles and obstacles that you don’t know they are dealing with each day.

Behind their smile hides a pain that has left a stain on their soul over the years.

This book will bring the reader one step closer to understanding the pain behind the smile of our strongest soldiers and the battles they face each day.

This book will say with words all the things that their pride, fear, and pain won’t let them share with other people because they feel that they would never understand.


We are all one struggle away from our breaking point. One setback away from not being able to continue the path that we were destined to take.

Sometimes the hardest thing to face is the one thing we need to address to reclaim our peace of mind. 

Hard lessons help us understand that certain things in our lives must fall apart so everything else can come together the way it is supposed to.

We may not like to face this truth, but running from our fears will eventually bring us face-to-face with our most profound agony. We can’t run from ourselves.

The pain, struggles, heartaches, and losses that we face in our life are part of the bigger plan to make us stronger to overcome the obstacles that we will face in life.


(Writing the chapters in your life)


Where you are currently at in your life does not have to be where you end up in your life. Your life is a novel filled with chapters.

How many chapters will be in your novel? That is a question that only you can answer. We get trapped reading or reliving the same chapter in our life, unwilling to turn the page and move on to a new beginning.

When it comes to your book, you are the author, editor, and illustrator. If you don’t like something in your book, rewrite the story or improve your next chapter.

shall pass.jpg

This too shall pass...

I have experienced things in my life that I thought would end my life, but I am still here.

I have gone through things in life that made me question my life, but I am still here.

I’m still standing despite all the adversity I had faced in my life because I was strong enough to go down on both knees and pray to the one person who could make way for me even when I did not think it was possible.