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I wanted remarkable things for my life, but my words and my actions could not agree on how to make my dreams manifest into reality.

To be impactful, you must be intentional with your actions. I knew I wanted to change, so I needed to commit to being the change my life needed.

I needed to prepare myself for the race of my life if I was going to have the outcome I desired. I needed to fix the disconnect between my words and actions because the impact I was hoping for would only manifest once I became more intentional with my actions.

Until our words match our actions, no peace in our life will ever be found by us.

Learning to stop blaming others for what I was allowing my life to become because I lacked discipline and self-control allowed me to mold and shape myself into the person I felt worthy to behold. I wanted to be a better man.

Catch & Release / Letting negative things go

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