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How do you know when to leave the people you have become comfortable around? The answer to that question is when you decide to ask yourself that vital question.


“Even Loyalty has an expiration date.”


Being loyal can destroy your life when your loyalty to others drains you, leaving you empty. Everyone is not as solid as they claim to be. That is why I decided to reevaluate the people I allow to stand next to me.


It hurts being betrayed by people you wished would have stayed solid.


Most people are opportunists/users. A user can always spot a giver, so you should be mindful of who you are giving your time and energy to.


Who are you giving your energy to?


The circle meant to support and nurture you can quickly turn into the walls that imprison you to a life sentence of regret or, even worse, your death.


In this book, you will discover why I felt the need to disconnect with people I have known most of my life, for the chance to reconnect with someone who could help change my life.



Doing what is best for you will disappoint a lot of people. Could you be sure that you are not one of them?



Changing Circles

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