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There came a point in my life when I realized I was on what seemed to be the fast track to reaching my goals. What ultimately changed my life was when I realized what it would take to achieve them.


Every new level brought forth a new devil to remind me that if I were ever going to reach the top level, I would need to transform myself into a daredevil.


In that moment, I realized that the higher you get, the more significant the adversity you will face, be it people or other things. Experience taught me what no book or teacher ever could.


When God favors you, you are also selected by the devil.  I had to understand that as I faced adversity in my life. The Devil does not attack his own, so I learned to accept the adversity I face as a blessing.


Before that acceptance, I often returned to the lower levels instead of moving on to the next level because I was unwilling to face the Devil waiting at the next level on my journey. I was running from myself because I lacked the courage to face myself and the changes it would take to reinvent myself at the next level of my life.


My fears kept me from moving forward for a very long time.

Our fear of failure makes us fail, but we fail because we fail to change. I eventually learned that If you want to change, you must change, or everything will remain the same.


In this book, you will discover what I had to uncover that was buried within myself and finally gave me the courage to encourage myself to keep moving forward.


I learned the hard way but eventually realized that facing opposition lets you know you’re headed in the right direction.

Different Level, Different Devil

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