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Most successful people can tell you how to overcome failure in life in the following way. Failure only comes to those who refuse to keep fighting for what they want. Success belongs to those few people who understand that failure is not an option but only a lack of action. Learn to say less and do more.

In my life, I have had many repeats of day one's in my pursuit of success. Day one's was when I had to start from scratch to get back to where I left off on my journey. It was my stubbornness that allowed me to accept going through my day ones. I had to learn to make my effort match-up with my desire and sacrifices.

Failure taught me the need to eliminate any and everything that did not align with my success goals. When you learn to eliminate the option of failure, you only have success as a destination. Being a visual creature, I had to view my success and know the route I had to take to get there. I had to learn how to turn the visions in my head into the vision board I saw every morning I woke-up.


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