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US Navy Chief Petty Officer Somone Young was an efficient, dedicated servicewoman with a strong drive to master the technical skills her job demanded. Few who knew her suspected the inner battle she fought every day for much of her life.

After enduring betrayal and sexual abuse at the hands of her father, Young was abandoned to the foster care system, moving through multiple homes before returning to her mother after her parents divorced. The mental and physical torments of her childhood left her with severe depression and abandonment issues.

Fearing revealing her mental health issues could damage her career and reputation, Young tried to hide her pain behind her uniform-only to suffer through several suicide attempts when the pressure threatened to overwhelm her.


After twenty years of service and her retirement from the Navy, Young finally discovered her own self-worth and began the long process of healing.

An honest portrayal of the struggle so many service members undergo because seeking mental health assistance could damage their careers, Hiding behind a Uniform serves as a reminder that seeking help is not a sign of weakness-nor should it be considered as such

Trusting the process

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