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No, I am not the best writer!

 I struggle with my reading, spelling, grammar, and all of the other things that an English/ Language Arts teacher would cringe about from their students.

My books are filled with many errors, mainly because I am a self-published author, editor, and illustrator.

I had put my writing and my talent on the shelf because I knew that I had many things that I needed to work on within myself.

Who would want to hear a message from a former at-risk student, now an at-risk adult wanting to make the many tests that he has encountered in his life a testimony that others can use to fulfill their lives?

Can a man with many flaws still speak the breath of life into others who need air?

Is it possible he could help others despite his limitations and shortcomings?

This book will reveal how anything is possible with both faith and hard work as your foundation. In addition, this book will inspire you to face all of your weaknesses and shortcomings head-on.

If you don’t want to learn, no one can help you, but if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!

I'm working on it (Believing in myself)

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