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From the moment we met, my mind started to accept things only my heart truly understood. (I am in love with you)

I knew I wanted everything with you and nothing without you from the moment I met you.

The only way this dream of mine would be possible was if I changed my life, so I changed my life. There wasn't, is, or will ever be any sacrifice I won't make to one day have you as my wife.

I speak from my lips to your soul when I say; I want to make the rest of my life the best with you. It will always be us against the many; you, him, and I.

When times get tough, I promise - promise I will only turn to you and him because I am so into you.

You move me in ways that I need to be shaken. Your presence in my life has reawakened something within me I thought my past had taken. So, imagine how your absence is affecting me.

I'm not looking for easy because I understand that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. That is why I am longing to be standing by your side.

I have no grand explanation or no expectation when it comes to us. What's meant to be will be by the grace & favor of God. So, I close my eyes and open my heart because I trust where he and our love will take us.

I'm not afraid to admit what loving you has made apparent. You weigh heavy on my heart because you have touched my soul. So, keeping you in my life has become my goal.

You deserve better than me, but when it comes to loving you, there's only God who is better than me.

I promise-promise

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