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From Major to Minor

From Major to Minor reveals all the ways that a man should genuinely love a woman. (Completely)This book not only highlights the love, but it sheds light on the pain that genuinely makes love a wonderful thing. In my life, I have composed words of affection from A to Z.

I was always trying to express the inner feelings that I held within.


From Major to Minor reveals all of the love and the passion in my heart. This book says all the things that my mouth needs to speak to the love of my life. She is my friend, my lover & my wife. Both men and women can enjoy this book as it highlights all the things that make a marriage work.

(Commitment to Each other)


“Between the words here and now, I will place forever as I promise you my heart, my soul & my time.”


This book says all of the things that a person may feel but cannot put it in words

Major to Minor

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