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Our schools have many students failing classes, but it is not always the fault of the students.

Our education system is failing students on many levels. (S.E.L & Academic). A child will only learn what an Educator is trying to teach them if they are teaching them in a learning style that helps them grasp the information.


Teaching a student in a way that does not register in their brain is like trying to tell a fish why it should learn how to climb a tree. Why would any educated individual expect a child to learn anything if the Educator did not teach them in the style they learned?


In this book, I will give you the perspective of an Educator, Behavior Specialist, 21st Century Site Coordinator, Equity Campion, Teacher Mentor, & parent of a child labeled with a learning disability.


You will also get the perspective of several of my scholars from my classroom.

My Style of Learning

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