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When I feel misunderstood, scrutinized, betrayed, overwhelmed, and all of those things God did not create me to be:

I pray

When my mind won’t stop overthinking, and my fears and worries are getting the best of me:

I pray

I give all of my problems to God and trust what he has consistently shown me in the past. He will always deliver.

This is why I pray

This book is me giving thanks to my creator and all of the things he has done in my life. (Hopefully, you can relate)

 My creator has delivered me from the valley to the mountain tops just so that I can go down on my knees and say thank you.

Prayer Changes Things

Father, Thank you for the blessings that I can see in my life.

Thank you for all the prayers that have yet to manifest into my life.

I want to say thank you for giving my life purpose and meaning.

I may have struggled to get back on the path that you had for me in my life, but you never left my side.

This is why I still pray

PCT Prayer Changes Things

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