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Proving the Impossible

All my life, most people around me had made me feel inferior, which made it easy for me to grasp. I learned to doubt myself before I ever had the confidence to believe in the greatness within me.

It took facing my fears and many tears to learn to ask myself one simple question. Who am I not to be great? In my pursuit of self-discovery, I learned how to stop letting the devil use me because I allowed others to use me for my self-destruction. I was my greatest enemy, which turned out to be a problem that I could fix.

I had to discover two important things to remove all my doubts & fears, stopping me from being the best version of myself that I could be.

I had to learn to eliminate the things and people in my life that didn’t help me evolve. The only certainty in life is change. So, if you think you can or you think that you can’t, you’re right. My pride has always kept me going in the wrong direction in life. It would take all the strength & prayers that I had to surrender to love.

I deserved happiness, which meant that I had to put in that work to make it possible.

Proving The Impossible

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