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Being alone should never make you feel lonely.

Who you are when you’re by yourself is the real you.

The person you try to be around others or in a relationship is not the real you.

Highlight reels on social media is not the real you. The person you are offline, away from everyone else, is the real version of you.

We hide in crowds, becoming the expectations of others while ignoring the expectations of ourselves because we never take the time to learn about ourselves when we are by ourselves.

I spent many years of my life jumping in and out of relationships trying to find someone to make me happy, not realizing the happiness I wanted and needed was always within me.

Our happiness is our responsibility!

It took some time for me to learn and accept that, but when God forced me to take some time for myself, I rediscovered why the healed version of me in someone’s life is better than the broken version of me.

The broken version of me caused bloodshed in my relationship with others because my unhealed jagged edges caused wounds.

Relationships with others will never be successful until we improve our relationship with ourselves and God.

In this book, you will discover what happens when you take the time to pause, reflect, process, and heal the parts of you to become the best version of yourself.


It was not easy for me, but it was worth it.

Single Not Lonely

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