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A person will tell you everything you need to know about them within the first few minutes of meeting them. Will you take the time to listen?

It is not always the verbal cues that reveal a person’s motive. Instead, it is often their actions that speak louder than their words.


Their words don’t always match their actions, especially when they intend to deceive you. It is not their fault when we do not take the needed percussions to protect our hearts from our deceitful eyes.


Our deceitful eyes entice us to give in to our wants as we sacrifice what we need.


We focus more on our wants than our needs which always leave us praying on our knees.


We stop asking questions about what we need to know about a person because we are too afraid to mess up what we think we want from that person.

No one can fill a void in your life but you!

This book will examine the many red flags that people will reveal to us, but we choose to ignore them and paint them white.


You will notice many situations within this book that you have encountered dealing with other people and a few situations that will prepare you for future encounters.


This book will give you the tools to make sure that you are not sacrificing your needs because of your wants.

Stop painting red flags white

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