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Heavenly Father, it’s me again. On my knees, head bowed, holding my heart in my hands. I come to you with one request. Please help me navigate this crazy dating mess.

I am way over my head and drowning from the stress!

There was a time when dating, getting to know someone, falling in love, and staying in love was easy / more manageable.

As it relates to staying in love, once you have found that one person, it was not easy because it was easy; it was easy because there was a time when people valued each other instead of trying to use one another for their benefit.

Times and people have changed drastically regarding the importance of morals and values. People now focus on judging each other instead of trying to love one another. I blame most of the change in people based on their lack of authentic communication with each other.

Most people know communication is the key to a relationship, but nowadays, people post about communication's importance instead of living it.

In this book, I will discuss my journey into the dating world and navigating through the dreadful abyss to find the one, and if not the one, just someone to have an adult conversation with.

I will share how keeping an open mind and heart throughout my journey was tested at every step of the way.

Surviving Today’s Dating World

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