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While some pursue greatness, there are a chosen few who desire to be more, which is good.

They desire to avoid the recognition of their peers or the accolades that come with being popular amongst those who do not share the same goals or purpose.

These chosen few, driven by selfless dedication, are willing to do what others are not: be impactful.

They strive to be impactful in the lives of others, even at the risk of being labeled the black sheep in their profession.

A good teacher is the real unicorn in the Education profession. A good teacher has made peace with not being at peace when they know that scholars in their care are falling through the cracks of an education system, filling the holes with children to improve school grades instead of helping students read and write at grade level.

In this book, I will discuss some of the issues and concerns I have faced as an Educator that make me feel more like a babysitter because of the obstacles I have encountered in my profession.

The Challenges of a Good Teacher

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