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We pray for better days but are unwilling to go through the lonely nights that will lead us to our desired destination.

We pray for strength but are unwilling to face the situations that will require us to develop the strength to endure.

I have learned the fear of change is often more significant than the power to change, despite it being the only certainty in life.

We become comfortable with situations that do not serve our purpose because we are afraid to be uncomfortable and make the needed changes in our lives.

I had to be willing to modify everything within me that needed to be transformed in my pursuit of change.

I have learned the hard way, but I eventually realized that we would never become who God meant us to be by holding onto the parts of us God predestined us to outgrow.

In this book, you will discover the power to change anything begins with the willingness to change everything in your life.

The power to change

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