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Sometimes, life presents situations and circumstances you skipped meant to help you grow.

Sometimes, God will remove people and things from your life to help you know that he doesn’t need anything you lost to bless you.

I had to accept those things, even if I did not understand. Those lessons were part of God’s plan to help me become a better man.
Becoming a better man meant realizing and accepting that change was needed, even if I could not see it.

It will always be challenging to pick up the pieces in your life if you do not realize it is falling apart. The parts of my life that I needed to help me change became buried under the pain that my pride never allowed me to take the blame.

Trying to be the victim makes it harder for you to be the hero you need. During my season of letting go, I stayed by myself to learn to better myself because I was tired of being the reason others bled because of my jagged edge.

I discovered that holding onto pain and regret will only lead to two things: either more pain or a reason to let go.

In this book, you will discover why I needed to endure my season of letting go.

God takes us through rough waters because he knows our enemies can’t swim. Trying to avoid those lessons is why our future often looks dim in our eyes.

The Season of Letting Go

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