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I have been through many stages in my life that required me to grow in different areas of my life like never before.

I was forced to make many decisions and sacrifices in my life that required me to adjust to my core.

The broken version of me humbled me in ways that required me to disconnect from anything and everyone until I reconnected with myself and God because only he could reveal the many cracks in my façade.

The healing version of me required me to be open, honest, and transparent with the two people. I could never be dishonest with God and myself. I had to admit, submit, and repent every transgression to improve myself.


In this book, you will discover how this version of me is okay with you judging, doubting, misunderstanding, and gossiping about me because what it took to get myself here made me face all my fears.

I hope that reading this book allows you the courage to face yours.

This Version of Me (Lessons I Learned the Hard Way)

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