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I am not always a good person!

I sometimes struggle to control my feelings and emotions, so they become what others see instead of the gentle person I truly am.

The rage, anger, and foolish pride I hold onto like a prized trophy did not manifest overnight, but one night when I finally decided to look in the mirror, I found the courage to subdue my emotions and bring my demons to the light.

You can never change the things you are unwilling to admit to or address.


It took some time, but I decided to take the time to ask myself why I was contempt living a miserable life and not enjoying mine.

Before deciding the type of person, I wanted to be; I had to dive deep within myself to address the parts of me that did not allow my desires to be.

I wanted to be the best version of myself, but for that to happen, I needed to stop running and lying to myself!


In this book, you will discover what happens when a person decides to face the one thing stopping them from living the life they desire; being cuffed to their past indiscretions.

Unbecoming Who You Are Not (To Become Whom, You Were Meant to Be)

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