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On the outside, looking in or seeing me at certain milestones in my life, most people would assume I have always had a wonderful life. Your opinion deems the reality of what it takes to live my life.

I have had to climb many mountains and hills, including sacrificing things I did not want to give up just for the motivation to push me past the hesitations that would have prevented me from taking the next step on my way up.

I have walked miles that most people would not bother taking the first step simply because of the dangers that come with each one. I sacrificed time and energy to work rather than for fun.

I fought hard to stand where I am, but this is not my destination. Although I do not look like everything I have been through, I have been through making excuses that I find to be useless when it comes to achieving my dreams.

People ask me why I push so hard to pursue my dreams. The answer is simple. What I fear more than death are the things that die within you while you are alive.

When it comes to success, I am built for it!

I constantly had to remind myself not to allow my comfort to be the discomfort stopping the blessings God had planned for my life.

So, I kept moving forward. I did it mad, sad, angry, upset, and even with indifferent feelings because it did not make a difference.


I am built for this!


In this book, you will discover what happens when you are willing to make being uncomfortable the one thing you find comfort in when it comes to achieving your goals.

Nothing will change your life until you change.

Walk A Mile in My Shoes

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